31DC2013: Day 22, inspired by a song

Sunday, September 22, 2013
When I've heard "song inspired" I imidiatly wanted to go with the one and only, that makes me go nuts in lipsing, Britney Spears. Now, I wanted to go with some old school classic such as 'Baby one more time', but ended up going for the song 'Holg it against me', because it's video has alot of sceance I could take Insperation of.

So here is the full on manicure, and from here I'm gonna show you each finger with a screen shot of the insperation for it.

Starting with the pinky and the thumb, where I took inspiration from the splattered dress. The white here is Chic white flag. Blue is Chic bora bora, green is Chic crazy in love, purple is Life 328 and orange is Life 299. I mixed those 4 colors with some nail polish remover [Acetone does not work!] and blow the brush to get paint on my nails.

On to the ring finger I have Britney lips. I must say, I did a horrible job capturing it, but oh well.
Black is Chic black fog, Pink is a mix of Laka 73 and Chic white flag, white is again Chic white flag and red is Life strawberry.

My middle finger represent Britney's CRAZY neon necklace, which I would love to get my hand on. No idea what will go with it tho.
Nude is Chic sand, Silver is Chic diamonds, and yellow is Ga-de california sun.

My pointer is an abstract of the fight between Britney's black self and Britney's red self. I uses saran warp to create this effect. Red is Life strawberry and black is Chic black fog.

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