Q's & Heys!- Llarowe and Colors by Llarowe

Saturday, June 28, 2014
I believe that it's about time that I'll finally post this interview, that's been sitting in my inbox for a month [!!!] now. Today's interviewee is Leah Ann LaRowe and she's different then any other interviewees in this blog past. Why you ask? Well, A- She's not a blogger. B- She has her own line of polishes. C- She owns an e-trailer many brands of nail polish, indie and otherwise, from all around the world! Let's move on to the interview!

Tell us about yourself in general.
My name is Leah Ann LaRowe. I am married with a son who is 18 and another "adopted" son who is also 18 and now lives with us. I am an animal lover and have a virtual zoo at home. Any stray usually ends up living with us much to the aggravation of my husband who always ends up falling in love with them. I am an avid snowboarder, water skier and sports fanatic. I love my job and I love what I do! The next item on my bucket list is to skydive which I will be doing this summer!

Do you prefer a complex nail art or the simplicity of just the nail polish itself?
I love both. The color of polish, finishes, shimmers and complexity amaze me, I love to see nail art and hand painted art is just amazing, but stamping can be just as spectacular.

What came first- your nail polish brand or your store? How and why did you start each one?
The store cam first. I started the store when I realized that I could not find unique nail polish colors in the USA. I was browsing blogs and cam across Glitter Gal and at the time holographic polishes were very hard to come by in the USA. I fell instantly in love and knew I had to bring these polishes to women in the USA. Then A England was added and now, here we are.
As of our line, Colors by Llarowe, I ordered a few ingredients as I wanted a certain color of polish and couldn't find it. I thought it would would be quick and easy to make one. I had no idea. I found though that I loved making polish as it was very relaxing and a creative outlet. Two years later, Colors by Llarowe was launched.

Glitter Gal Crushed Ego. The hunt for holo started the store.

I imagine you get nail mail on a daily basis- How does it feel to only admire all this beauty and sparkle without actually using it?
I do use it! I get samples from polish makers on a daily basis who want us to consider their line. I always swatch each polish on a nail wheel and then wear each polish to check the formulation, wear time, etc. I usually have 10 different colors on my nails at any given time. Whole manicures are luxury!

Just for us to droll, how many polishes would you say you have at storage at any given time?
Llarowe usually has 20,000 to 40,000 polishes in stock on a daily basis.

One of thousands just waiting for you. Dance Legend 178.

How big is your personal stash?
My personal stash I have never counted, but my husband says way too many.

Do you own one of each polish you put up to sale?
No. I try to get at least one polish from every launch but they sell out so quickly that I do not want to withhold polishes from a customer who wants it. Colors by Llawore I do, as I keep all of the prorotype samples!

What is you favorite nail polish from Colors by Llarowe ever?
The Mighty Red Baron. I have worn it more than twice, and that is really unusual as I am always wearing and testing new polishes.

The Mighty Red Baron

How do you keep track with every nail polish you ever made?
I have a sample room with a bottle of each polish I have ever made with a nail wheel swatch above the samples. I have shelves for current inventory, past inventory and future possibilities.

Do you keep multiple bottles of each of your own nail polish, so you'll never lack them?
No, just one bottle for my personal use as I can always make another if needed.

Where do you get inspiration for your polishes  from?
Everywhere. Nature, flowers, songs, words. The possibilities are endless.

Songs are great inspiration. Black Gold, Texas Tea.

From 1 to 10- how much glitter sticks to your cloths while working on new polishes?
10. I look like a fairy at any given time. I am quite messy.

Is there a collaboration you wish to do, or a collection you've been thinking about for ever and haven't done yet?
Yes, and will surprise you guys with it in the future!
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Nail stickers tutorial

Thursday, June 5, 2014
Today I have a tutorial on how to apply full nail stickers. I'll be using the stickers from Born Pretty store, and you can see more about them here. The finished look you can see below, and right after that- head over for the steps!

Step 1: Start with your bare nail. I didn't use base coat, and I believe you shouldn't use any nail polish under any sort of nail stickers.
Step 2: Pull off the sticker that fits your nail size using tweezers. Pull it from the straight part- this is the part you will file off, so it's fine if you mess i up during the pulling. Most nail stickers come with 14/16 stickers, so you can find the right size for you.

Step 3: Place the sticker on your nail, placing the round part as close as possible to your cuticle.
Step 4: Using an orange stick, cuticle stick or simply your fingers, press the sticker to your nail bed. I go with a straight line from my cuticle to my nail tip, and them from the middle toward the nail folds in both sides.

Step 5: Fold the extra part of the sticker down, and then file it off. Work along the line of your nail tip.
Step 6: Pull the excess scraps. Still have an extra sticker part? Repeat steps 5 and 6.

Step 7: Done! Enjoy your quick and easy manicure!

Here is a quick round up off the steps: (click to enlarge)

And a short version of the steps:
1. Bare nails.
2. Pick.
3. Place.
4. Press.
5. File.
6. Pull.
7. Done!
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Glow in the dark nail stickers review

Saturday, May 31, 2014
Today what I have for you is a review for some awesome nail stickers from Born Pretty Store! Before I start talking, let's just look at these beauties and appreciate the little something extra they bring with them.

The stickers were quite sheer, and you can notice my nail line on my index finger, but I actually really liked that affect! Also, the stickers are covered with fine glitters, and seem as if you applied a coat of the well known China Glaze fairy dust :)

The stickers come packed in a cartoon like you see below, and this set up is inside an exrta plastic bag, so they make all the way to you nice and safely!

Inside the pack you have 14 stickers, so you can find the right size for you nail beds. Also- are you seeing the strong glow in the dark effect? Even in the dark the image is shown!

My next post will be a tutorial on how to apply those stickers, so stay tuned! In the mid-time, go shopping and make sure to use the coupon code below to get 10% off your order. Along with the free worldwide shipping- it's a sweet deal.

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The road so far

Tuesday, May 20, 2014
I'm afraid. I fear for my life, and I fear for my feelings even more. I just don't think I'm quite ready for season 9 finale. Season 9 of what? Supernatural, obviously! I'm just not mentally prepared for it, OK?!
My nails are, though!

As my friend put it- Instead of going literal and doing something like angel wings, the mark of Cain or the anti-possession tattoo, I went for- and I'm quoting her- "the deep motive of the show". And she's absolutely right! This show has always been about family, and the two genetically blessed brothers on a road trip, saving people and hunting things, you know, the family business.
Other than that, on my thumb I have yet another lame excuse of writing. "The road so far" is the title that along with "carry on my wayward son" in the background, will bring every fan to tears, thinking about the boy's history.

The base for Dean's baby are water decals* from born pretty store, you can get here. This work like any water decals out there, but since you are going for a full nail here, application can be a bit tricky. I'll suggest that you don't mind you cuticles in the process, and just clean them up later with Acetone or nail polish remover. Don't forget to use top coat on top of it, so it will stay put.

My base color for all of my nails is Wow 350. On my thumb I wrote using Wow 393. The 67' Chavy Impala was drawn using the two polishes above, as well as Life 269 and Chic Diamonds. If you noticed- I added a red dot on the map, using Life strawberry. Guess where the red dot is, just guess!

I'm off to find some salt, because I'm all alone at home and I heard the guitar playing. And I might use it on popcorn while the episode? That might be wise...

*Items were sent for an honest review.
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