Nail stickers tutorial

Thursday, June 5, 2014
Today I have a tutorial on how to apply full nail stickers. I'll be using the stickers from Born Pretty store, and you can see more about them here. The finished look you can see below, and right after that- head over for the steps!

Step 1: Start with your bare nail. I didn't use base coat, and I believe you shouldn't use any nail polish under any sort of nail stickers.
Step 2: Pull off the sticker that fits your nail size using tweezers. Pull it from the straight part- this is the part you will file off, so it's fine if you mess i up during the pulling. Most nail stickers come with 14/16 stickers, so you can find the right size for you.

Step 3: Place the sticker on your nail, placing the round part as close as possible to your cuticle.
Step 4: Using an orange stick, cuticle stick or simply your fingers, press the sticker to your nail bed. I go with a straight line from my cuticle to my nail tip, and them from the middle toward the nail folds in both sides.

Step 5: Fold the extra part of the sticker down, and then file it off. Work along the line of your nail tip.
Step 6: Pull the excess scraps. Still have an extra sticker part? Repeat steps 5 and 6.

Step 7: Done! Enjoy your quick and easy manicure!

Here is a quick round up off the steps: (click to enlarge)

And a short version of the steps:
1. Bare nails.
2. Pick.
3. Place.
4. Press.
5. File.
6. Pull.
7. Done!

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