The road so far

Tuesday, May 20, 2014
I'm afraid. I fear for my life, and I fear for my feelings even more. I just don't think I'm quite ready for season 9 finale. Season 9 of what? Supernatural, obviously! I'm just not mentally prepared for it, OK?!
My nails are, though!

As my friend put it- Instead of going literal and doing something like angel wings, the mark of Cain or the anti-possession tattoo, I went for- and I'm quoting her- "the deep motive of the show". And she's absolutely right! This show has always been about family, and the two genetically blessed brothers on a road trip, saving people and hunting things, you know, the family business.
Other than that, on my thumb I have yet another lame excuse of writing. "The road so far" is the title that along with "carry on my wayward son" in the background, will bring every fan to tears, thinking about the boy's history.

The base for Dean's baby are water decals* from born pretty store, you can get here. This work like any water decals out there, but since you are going for a full nail here, application can be a bit tricky. I'll suggest that you don't mind you cuticles in the process, and just clean them up later with Acetone or nail polish remover. Don't forget to use top coat on top of it, so it will stay put.

My base color for all of my nails is Wow 350. On my thumb I wrote using Wow 393. The 67' Chavy Impala was drawn using the two polishes above, as well as Life 269 and Chic Diamonds. If you noticed- I added a red dot on the map, using Life strawberry. Guess where the red dot is, just guess!

I'm off to find some salt, because I'm all alone at home and I heard the guitar playing. And I might use it on popcorn while the episode? That might be wise...

*Items were sent for an honest review.