31DC2013: Day 15, delicate nails

Sunday, September 15, 2013
It's my birthday you guys!
I know I'm pushing the limits here, but give me a break, a girl can party in her birthday, right?
Since the begining of the challange I was wondering about what I'm gonna do for this special day. And I came up with something both delicate and festive, bunting!

I started with a grey base color, because this shade specifically is very cool. I don't know why, I just like it alot. Any how, I drew black lines on top of it, and went with my go-to pastel rainbow colors. In order to complete the look I added my number of years of existence on my thumb, and that was it!

The grey is Life 269, black is Chic black fog. Coral-pinky shade is Ga-de peach sorbet, yellow is Ga-de california sun, green is Chic crazy in love, Blue is Life 329, and the purple is Chic I lilac you.

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