31DC2013: Day 7, black and white nails

Saturday, September 7, 2013
Day 7 has arrived, and it's the last scheduled post!
Honest truth? It's the first one I wrote. So if I seem to not knowing what I'm doing- give me a little break, would you?

For this design I though about going with the design you see on my ring finger. In my mind it seemed that the glitter will somehow soften the look of the dark gray i choose. I ended up doing something completely different for the rest of my nails. I took a half-stiff brush and dipped it in a small amount of white nail polish, I than started from the base of my nail, and did this some sort of zig zag scribble.

My base color is p2 glory, my first try glitter is OPI piroette my whisle, and the white is Chic white flag.

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