31DC2013: Day 10, gradient nails

Tuesday, September 10, 2013
Man, today was not an easy one for me. It makes me worried from the challenges to come...
Since I did a gradient two days ago, I know I can't get away with just a simple gradient. At first, I thought about doing a gradient using my first two new texture polishes, but when I put the first one on, I realized they don't have the texture I thought they'll have. So I gave that idea up, and that's what I came up with.

Quit simple, I know. But I was really blocked. I swear!
By the way- sorry for the bad photos, it's a really last-minute post for me, since now it's after 11 PM here in my little country, and I NEED to go to sleep. Will you go easy on me this time?

My base color here is Ga-de tangerine, and on top of it I used tape to create the triangles [except dor the thumb]. The second color in the gradient is OPI german-icure.

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