31DC2013: Day 3, yellow nails

Tuesday, September 3, 2013
As promised- no lemons. But you can still slap me, and I'll tell you why.
Today I'm leaving for a long-weekend holiday because of Rosh Hashana [the jewish new year]. And so, the next 4 posted are pre-made, since I won't be able to be on my computer to edit them. That being said, today I did both yellow and purple nails. Since my favorite color is purple, I did the yellow ones first, so I'll be able to stay with the purple ones for the weekend, but the yellow ones turned up so much better, and I'm pissed of myself for this decision.

Any how, that's my first ever ruffian nail art! And I'm both proud and in love with them. I know there are two option of doing them- one being drawing the ruffian on top of the main color, and the other being a full coat of the ruffian color and smaller coat of the main color. I chose to use the first method, since it seems easier. I do want to try the other method at some point tho.

Anyhow, as it turned out, I love the result so much, that you shouldn't be surprised if you see it again, with the exact same colors, very, very soon.
My base color here is Ga-de california sun, and the ruffian was made using Life 345.

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