31DC2013: Day 12, stipes nails

Thursday, September 12, 2013
Oh my, oh my. The nail-art goddess sure does not give me an easy life!
Stripes. Easy. This time I even had an idea. Wanted to use my texture polish for the stripes. So I applied glue [as a peel off base coat] because it's glittery. Applied base color, and striping tape, and then the texture polish. Peeled off the striping tape- TADA! No polish left on the nail. So I free hand the stripes with a brush.

I'll just say- the colors are as close as I could get them to the reality. But the base color shade is so much more beautiful in real life, that's it's a bummer I couldn't manage to.
So as I said, I draw the lines by hand, and added my awesome-camera-shy holographic glequins in stripes as well. My thumb got full two coats of the texture polish, AND a stripe of glequins.

The base color is Life 327, the texture polish is Chic sugar baby 5, and I got the glequing in a small nail art supply store.

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