31DC2013: Day 17, Glitter nails

Wednesday, September 18, 2013
Glitters, glitters all around!
For this challange I had the idea in mind. I wanted to recreate The Nailasaurus diamond jubilee diamond.
But after I did my manicure, I found out that it's connected to her in an another way. As it turned out, we both been using the same polish in today's challange. And to top all that up, I used another polish that I bought once after keep seeing it on her blog!

Any how, I went with a skittlette mani, and used glitters in each single nail. Three kinds of glitter. I think that's enough for the glitter day, don't you think?

The glitter on my pinky is Sally Hansen [gem crush] lady luck, while the base color for all the other nails is Life blueberries. I used glequins, and the black lines were done with Chic black fog. The glitter on my thumb is H&M jo is in the house.

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