31DC2013: Day 5, blue nails

Thursday, September 5, 2013
Wow... Blue is a color I have plenty of polishes from, since you always want that specific shade of blue, don't you? It's a color that will never be exactly what you want. So you see, I had to stare at my nail polish drawer for a long while till I decided on what to do.

This idea came to mind after I went to buy my self some wanted studs. I looked for some ziplock bags to put the studs in, and found a little one with two of this stud-alike in it. The thing is, those are not real studs. It's actually that decoration there is on the side of the sunglasses. We got a kids pair for free so i played around with it, and kept those. Good thing I did so, huh?

My base color is Laline Kahal Galena. On top of that I used striping tape to create lines of Chic Peacock. Than I added the stud-alikes using a clear polish.

You can see that this stud-alikes are way thicker than standart studs. Re-thinking it, i should have chosen a diffrent base color, so the stipe will show off better. Oh well, next time then.

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