31DC2013: Day 1, red nails

Sunday, September 1, 2013
I'm guessing it's my first real post, isn't it?
Picture first, talk later!

There's one reason for this. Cola is red, red is cola. Simple as that. Plus, I had a package of cola flavored gums sitting on top of my nail polish drawer when I sat down to decided on a design. Not that it's what got me to do it or anything. I swear!

My base color is Life strawberry scented. On top of it I hand-drawn the Coca-Cola logo. Crappy, I know. I really need to get myself new brushes. Anyhow, it's Chic white flag.
My thumb supposed to be the bottle, kinda. I used Chic black fog, and didn't cover my nail completely, so it will look more like the coke it self, which is transperent. The red is the same one as before, and I added the white wave shape on top.