31DC2013: Day 26, inspired by a pattern

Thursday, September 26, 2013
Patterns are awesome. They are. The thing is, we already had 10 days dedicated to them. But don't you worry, I have just the pattern you need, that hasn't been used in the challenge!
3D cube pattern! I mean. how can you not fall in love with this geometric, optic illusion print? I know I did!

I really liked yesterday's color combination, but I knew that I'm gonna need to use different shades of the same color, and therefor, the orange must go. That's why I added the dark turquoise to the combo, and went on with it.

I used Cihc sand as the nude tone, Life 329 as the light blue, Chic bora bora as the blue and Laline kahal galena as the dark turquoise in the pattern and on my tips.

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