Will you accept me back?

Saturday, January 11, 2014
If to be gentle, you may say I've neglected the blog. Trust me, I know I did. What can be a possible excuse for not posting since September? Yet alone after it's been less of a month into blogging?

But let's be positive here for a moment! I want to get back to blogging, I really do!
So in order to do just that, I've done some things recently:
-I've built myself a light box.
-I've updated my stash document.
-I installed Photoshop on my laptop.
And last but not least-
-I've ordered myself a bunch of Bundle Monster stamping plates!

Now, I still have some changes coming- I need to seriously work on the blog's design (so I'm sorry for the mess), and try and find myself a proper blogging schedule. But for now I'm starting by setting myself some goals, with the hope that writing them here will make me keep them.
-Try to post at least once a week.
-Join The Lacquer Legion.
-Open a Facebook page for the blog. Update: My Facebook page!

In the next couple of days I'm planning on editing some of the manicures I did in the last months, so stay tuned for those. Anyhow, I hope some of you are still out there checking up on me, and even if not, I hope I can get you back in no time!

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