The Lacquer Legion: Reinvention

Monday, January 27, 2014
It's the first (official) Lacquer Legion challenge, and I already feel pumped! This month prompt had me come up with two manicure ideas that I liked- the wrong one that you've already seen, and the one that actually follows the orders the way they REALLY should be followed. That's the one I have for you today!

When I sat myself down to think this theme through, my thoughts were blocked. But you know what they say- when in doubt, google it! (OK, so maybe nobody actually say it. Shhh...) So after doing so, I found this picture of the butterfly transformation stages, and realized that the metamorphosis it has to go through is not so different from this so called 'reinvention' many of us dream of doing.
I had so much fun wearing this manicure, and I'm most definitely proud of my fine-detailed work on the two grown butterflies. I showed it off whenever I had the chance to! What made it even better is that everyone (and I mean every. single. one.)  thought I used nail stickers. But here's the beauty of it- I didn't! This manicure is 100% legit- everything was free-handed by me!

The base color is Chic White flag, and the nail art was done using Chic White flagCrazy in love and It's a date, as well as Ga-de Black swan and California sun.

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