Jelly doughnuts

Thursday, January 16, 2014
I know for a fact I did this manicure on November. November 27th to be exact. Why can I remember is so well? Because I made it specially for Hanukkah. What symbolizes this particular Jewish holiday more then anything are the Dreidels and the jelly filled doughnuts. I didn't actually have a proper image of this doughnut manicure, so I just snapped a quick one when leaving for school photoshooting. I tried my best editing the photo to make it as realistic as possible, when comes to true-to-life colors. I ended up making all the scenario around my finger nails to seem a bit off. The second picture was snatched from my friend's Instagram.

The base color is Ga-de Mellow Yellow. The base of the jelly doughnuts is Chic sand, and the shading was done using Wow 395 and Red 79. I used Chic white flag and Life strawberry for the sugar and jelly.

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