Triangle studs

Monday, January 20, 2014
Just look at it. Look at how professional these pictures look like! I'm pretty proud of myself, I'll tell you that.
This manicure may seem a bit familiar if you're following my Facebook, since I used it as the profile picture. Anyhow, I'm taking this manicure as the first step toward being a bit more professional about my nail art, hoping my efforts will become even more visible in the near future.

On the ring finger, I organized silver caviar beads into two triangles- one on the edge of the other- and man was that a torturing job! I believe it was worth the effort thought. The triangle stud on my thumb is from a stud set I got from Forever 21 (shocking, I know. I can't seem to find it on their site, but it's the exact same wheel as in this set.). I also found a wheel of neon studs, so I grabbed that one as well.

My base color is Ga-de Perfect Plum.

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