Sochi Olympic Games- Curling nails

Monday, February 10, 2014
If you're following my Facebook page, you already know that the 1st of February was a horrible day. It was the day I was forced to cut down my nails and make them into nubs. After screaming at the top of my lungs, I set my self down and made a new manicure, because I couldn't look at my naked nubs for another second. Now, don't get me wrong- there are many people who can really rock their nubs, but unfortunately, my hands just look too big like that. Doesn't work for me.

So although the Winter Olympics started a few days ago, only now I'm posting my Olympic nails, inspired by my favorite winter game- Curling. In Curling there's a target painted on the ice floor, and it is played in two groups. The point of the game is to get your group's rocks as close to the target eyeball, but also making sure the other team's rocks as far as possible.
The Curling competitions only started today, so this manicure comes out just in time!

So here is a quick breakdown of the whole nail art:
I believe my pointer needs no introducing, but anyhow, it's says "Sochi 2014", to state which Olympic games we are talking about. My middle finger shows this year's Curling icon, with a man throwing the rock. Which leads me to my ring finger, on which I've drawn the rock itself, on the white background of the ice, on it's way to reach the target- which is exactly what I have on my pinky.
On my thumb I have the well known Olympic rings. Don't ask me why the logo is placed so low, it just turned that way during the course of things.
All was free handed but the icon's head, in which I used a dotting tool.

And we're down to the colors break down. The white base color on all of my nails is Chic White flag. The light blue on my thumb, pointer and middle finger is Chic Bora bora. The red is Life strawberry, and the dark blue that I've paired with it on my pinky is Life 332. The dark-silver shade of the rock is Ga-de Vintage silver. The black is Ga-de black swan, the green in Life 327, and the yellow is Ga-de Mellow yellow.


  1. It's funny, what you call nubs are what I'd call medium length XD I can't wear my nails as long as you usually do- I'd break them all the time! Even with the best nail strengthener I am pretty rough on my hands so beyond a certain length isn't sustainable on me.

    1. Haha, yeah... I got used to my long nails, yet after two weeks with my (relative) nubs, I think I can make them work!
      I do actually suffer from breakages, yet they are always on my right hand, so I can keep my swatching hand intact :)