Purple hexagons meet nubs

Monday, February 17, 2014
I don't know why, but this title sounds like some sort of a summary to a  Sci-Fi-Romance movie. Imagine it- a purple hexagons, with his very own pare of legs, walks into a bar and seeing miss nub sitting at the corner. Her well moisturized cuticles and smooth surface catch his look, and---
Ok, I'll stop right there, and we'll move on to the manicure before someone decides to hospitalize me somewhere.

I tried stamping again, because you know what they say- practice makes perfect! Well, the thumb on my left hand was the best of my many tries. For some reason, the stamping on my ring finger insisted on smudging every single time I tried to repeat on it, so I ended up just letting it be.

Also, this time I actually made the same nail art on both hands! If you knew me IRL, you'd know how rare that phenomenon is. Many times I even go with my right hand polish-naked. Yes. I am THAT lazy. Kinda justifies the blog's name, doesn't it?
So in order to celebrate that, I've decided to include some very rare (and you better appreciate it!), right hand photos.

The base color of all my nails is Chic I lilac you. I stamped using Bundle Monster BM-422 and Life 337, which is a nice shimmery purple. The glitter topper is Wow 368. I added a stud from Forever 21. I actually quite liked the fact that the black stud breaks the overall purple look a bit, but doesn't disturb it.

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