The Lacquer Legion: Adoration

Friday, February 28, 2014
We are now at the second month of The Lacquer Legion challenge, and let me tell you- I'm so glad I joined! This challenge prompts are so wide and unspecific, that I struggle to come up with the right mani to fit it. As I did before, I've decided to go literal on the subject, and when last time I had the reinvention of the butterfly shape, this time my nails consist of a crowd filled with adoration to their idol.

As to who or what this idol is, this is all up to you! The vision I had in mind is the cheering crowd at a concert, or maybe a party of some sort, or better yet- a DJ's concert that combines it all together. To demonstrate the colorful stage light I played around with strokes of different glow in the dark polishes, and on top of those, I added the crowd silhouette. Unfortunately, the crowd isn't really visible in the glow mode.

My base color is Wow 350, and above it are 4 BK's glow in the dark polishes- 01, 04, 07 and 09. The polishes does glow in different colors, with the main difference being in the purple polish, and yet on my glow in the dark photos [as in real life], it all seems to glow in the same color, so the colorful affect is lost. For the crowd silhouette as well as the French tip on my thumb I used Wow 393.


  1. So how are the WOW black and white polishes working out for you? :)