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Sunday, March 2, 2014
Call it last minute! I had this manicure in mind for MONTHS, and kept convincing myself not to do it just yet, and to do it so I can wear it during the actual ceremony. Well, that didn't work out so well. I've planned on doing it yesterday, so I'd have the time to edit the pictures and write the post, but my hands got weirdly swollen, so I decided to give it a rest and do it all at the last minute. Better did I know, my hand is still swollen! But I did my best to pose for you guys, and I'll top it all with a tutorial!

So, a quick over look first, and then move on the the detailed tutorial. I have the desired red carpet, and the statue it self on my index finger. I struggled alot about what I should to on my thumb, and ended up with cheering my [and the entire internet's] favorite.

On to the tutorial! I'll show it to you step by step, and will add a combined photo in the end.

Step 1: After your usual base coat, apply your base color. Here I went with a sheer milky-nude which is Astor 7.

Step 2:  Create some sort of a red french. I took it to the wider side here. You should keep the french her straight at the top, even if it doesn't follow your natural nail tip. I used my go to red polish- Life strawberry.

Step 3: Create the shape of the statue. I started with a rectangle at the base, with a line going from the midlle straight up. I added the oval shape of the head, and made sure I widen up the top of my line, so it will look more like shoulders. I used a mustered-y polish here, Chic It's a date.

Step 4: High light your statue. I used Life 345.

Step 5: Use your favorite top coat, and do some clean up, and you're golden! [ok, I'm really sorry about this pun. I didn't mean it at first, but then I just... couldn't help myself!]

Here is the combined picture:

and here I say goodbye and go to bite my nail [on the non-swatching hand!] till I know who won!

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