Cool toned skittlette

Thursday, March 20, 2014
So, I've decide to practice my mix and match skills, so prepare yourself for many skittlettes in the near future. It also makes a great opportunity for me to practice my stamping skills without getting frustrated from a full stamping manicure. I still haven't tried the Skittlette goddess's formula, but this one is quite close.

So- two stamped nails, two plains and one texture later, this mani was done! Ok, you may notice that the stamping is less then imperfect, but I honestly believe that with this specific print, the missing parts aren't as visible, so I kinda douched the bullet with this one.

Both the bright blue (Wibo 482)  and the light green (Life 279) were too sheer, with the blue actually being a jelly, so I painted them over a white base (Wow 350). I stamped with Bundle Monster BM-206, and Wow 393. The texture polish is Chic 05.

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