Bloody round ruffian

Thursday, March 6, 2014
I think I'm getting way too creative with naming my manicure lately... But what can I say? An artist's mind is an artist's mind.
Anyhoo, I had this vision in mind of a red ruffian over my dark silver base. Then I kept thinking it will be too dull, so I thought about adding stamping in an accent nail. But then, I remembered my self-promise to do more full manicures. So I did just that.

And I gotta say- my stamping skills are really improving! This time, my one and only problem was placing, with the print being a bit to small for most of my nails, and WAY to small for my wide thumb. I actually used the ruffian in my favor, and kept the spaces next to my cuticle, so the ruffian will cover it up.

My base color is Ga-de Vintage silver, and both the stamping and the ruffian were done using Ga-de Hypnotic red. The stamping plate I used is Bundle Monster BM-206.


  1. Oh! Until you said so, I thought the base was red and the stamping was silver. Interesting!

    1. Really? I don't see why it might seem like that, but maybe it's just that I know it's not the case :)