Recycling manicure

Thursday, March 13, 2014
As shocked as I was about the bright pink polish fitting me, I really liked its bold look. And while the accent nails with the decal softened up the over look, I wanted to try and go BOLD. So I used the skittlette to my advantage and changed up only two nails.

So the stamping might have turned up awful, but I'm liking my bold move. I normally wouldn't have gone for such a bold manicure, but for those who does- such a bright look is perfect for the summer that gets closer and closer by the minute.

The pink polish is Life 276, and the stud on top of it is similar to the one here (You may use my coupon code YLX31 to get 10% off your order). My gold polish is Life 345, and I stamped over it using Wow 393 and Bundle Monster BM-410. Again, the added stud is from Forever 21, but you can get something similar by a quick search online.

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