Blue skittlette tribal

Monday, February 3, 2014
My first stamping post! While having many mistakes, I take pride of this manicure. I even tried to fill up the empty spots, but the shade I used ended up much lighter with the stamping, and the lines I made were far from being straight, so there's that.
After making this manicure I realized that it fits another monthly challenge I decided to join- Nailvengers Assemble. January theme turned up to be "New year, New technique", which fits right in with my first (and sad) attempt at stamping. So while I'm a bit late to the party, I promise you that I made this manicure on January 31st!

I still need alot of practice. Maybe I should go for the small prints first, instead of full nail ones, but oh well. You can be sure that you'll see much more stamping posts now that I finally got my Bundle Monster order, and own 42 stamping plates!

My base color on all nails but my pinky is Essence That's what I mint!. The pinky and the stamping were done using Laline Kahal galena. I used Bundle Monster BM-402 for the stamping. The studs are from Forever 21.

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